How is born essential oils and aromatherapy ?

Since earliest times, plants have been used for healing. Great civilizations like the Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and Chinese have long used essential oils. But the most advanced civilization was ancient Egypt, which was most advanced medicine. The conservation of mummies being perhaps the most glaring example.

The extraction of essential oils by distillation was invented by Avicenna, Arab doctor who gave birth to the still point (around year 1000). The Crusaders will take the technology in Europe in the twelfth century. This natural medicine in the apothecary arrived.The modern medical aromatherapy was born in France. Since then, aromatherapy, natural complementary medicine, has continued to gain ground against the "all chemical from classic allopathic ".

In 1975, Pierre Franchomme, known aromatologue, provides the "chemotypes" basic concept, real biochemical signature of the oil. This notion has led to improved treatment outcomes, reduce failures and reduce the risk side. He is co-author of a book of reference "aromatherapy exactly", considered the bible of essential oils.

1964, following a shortage of medicines, Dr. Valnet, french surgeon verifies the effectiveness of essential oils. Through his books, he explains aromatherapy to a wide audience. Its work will be extended by Sévelinge, pharmacist Lyons, in the field of veterinary medicine.

1918, René-Maurice Gattefossé, french pharmacist, burns his hand in the explosion in his laboratory. He has the habit of diving his hand into a container of lavender essential oil true. Immediate relief and healing are disconcerting. The pharmacist is then devoted to the study of medical essentielles. A good essential oil depends on two factors, the quality of the distillation and the quality of the plant and gathering. The expertise of growers, distillers and aromatologues plays a role..

How to use essential oils ?

In massage: Best known Applying. In this case, it is necessary to mix your essential oil to vegetal oil, and especially not to use dermocaustic oil (irritating for skin).

Through a distributor of essential oils: The essential oil spreads across the room its benefits. Always use pure essential oil, undiluted and flee the perfumes that burn heating oil in the denature the loss of its virtues.

In the bath: But taking care of your essential oil diluted in a vegetable emulsifier (solubilising solubol type). Do not to use dermocaustic oil or peppermint (thermolysis).

Oral: This is the top of aromatherapy. You must dilute the drops of essential oil in a plant or solubilising in honey and observe the prescribed doses. There are also oil capsules also easy to use a conventional capsule.
Fumigation: Do not forget the fumigation of our grandmothers. The essential oil must be mixed with a solubilising before being poured into the inhaler.

In the kitchen: A few drops of essential oil on dishes fall dramatically.

Cosmetics: You can make your own beauty products by adding a neutral cream drops of essential oil. Consider the use of hydrolats (floral water) from the distillation of the oil.

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