In the only case of sale on the Site :

Right of Retractation. Satisfied or Refunded enables you to profit 10 working days (instead of the seven frank days envisaged by the article L 121-20 of the Code of Consumption), to turn over a product which does not satisfy you. You can within this time turn over this product, with your expenses, accompanied by your invoice and the good of return duly supplemented and signed. We advise you to turn over the goods in recommended or follow-up post and to subscribe, possibly, an insurance near the conveyor, for the amount of the commercial value of the products. This is necessary in the event of spoliation or of loss of these goods by their services.

In all the cases, the return is carried out with the expenses and risks of the consumer. Only will be accepted products in a new and complete state (additional, notes), turned over in their packing of origin.

All product which will have been damaged, or whose packing of origin will have been deteriorated under conditions exceeding its simple opening, will not be refunded.


General Clauses on the Carriage of the Goods - Risks - Complaints - Returns - Defects of the Goods


In all the cases the goods travel to loads, risks and dangers of the purchaser as of their departure of the warehouses or factories of the salesman. This principle could not suffer from exemption by the fact from assumption of responsibility of whole or part of transport by our Company, this one acting like simple agent of the purchaser.


Whatever the means of adopted transport, the recipient will have to take all academies measurements envisaged by the Law, under penalty of engaging its personal liability in the detrimental consequences which could affect our goods during their transport or after their delivery.

The purchaser will have to make his deal personal of the lacks, of total or partial deterioration of the goods, except to have subscribed an insurance of the goods, it will have in particular to notify to the conveyor in the 3 days his protest moved by Registered letter AR in accordance with article 105 of the Commercial law.

Without damage of the applicable legal guarantees, we recommend to address any reserve as for the defects of conformity of the products existing to the delivery date in the 3 days by mail with - 71 avenue Victor Hugo - 75 116 Paris - France.

Passed a 15 days deadline after reception of goods, no complaint, concerning nature, the conformity and the quality of the goods, could be allowed to the salesman and no resumption of injustified goods could be required by the purchaser.

It could be allowed only after prior and written agreement of our Company and with the expenses of the purchaser, subject to all damages.