Rich Wheat Germ Beauty Oil



Fragile and delicate skin and hair. Obtained by cold pressure of coldly ground corn germs, it is a unrefined very concentrated virgin oil in vitamins A and E, in particular the Antioxydant vitamin E.

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The vitamin E regenerates and oxygenates the cells, improves surface circulation, preserves tonicity, vitality and youth of fabrics. Revitalizing and lenitive, it is appropriate for all the types of skin. One can also use it on the healthy hair in order to keep brightness, volume and strength to them. This oil has a high penetrating capacity, invigorating and softener of the dry, very dry and tired skins. To use in the water of the bath to soften and gloss the skin. In its laboratories and thanks to its specialized equipment, l’Herbier de Provence produces this oil very difficult to extract. Antioxydant and nutritive, it is 100% natural. It is invaluable oil to repair the damage of the summer!
Use: “Return of Holidays”: The sun is not the friend of the skin and the hair. Some repairing care, thanks to the oil of Corn Germ, will be “welcome”.
“Face”Care: On a clear and refreshed skin by a floral water of l’Herbier de Provence with lenitive flowers, or after a “ultra-soft” dry skin scrub honey/pollen, some oil drops in light upswings nourish and soften the desiccated skin where tiny ridules can appear… Renew 3 times per week until complete repair.
“Hair”Care: Brush and mass delicately the scalp. Apply oil stripes by line and also over the lengths. Mass to make penetrate oil. Let pose 20 minutes. Choose the “repairing” shampoo of l’Herbier de Provence. Rinse abundantly. Renew every 10 days until complete repair. It is the return of the flexibility and the brightness! 

Use: Apply on the clean skin twice a week with a cotton ball. Leave on for a few moments. After shampoo, apply on the scalp and leave for a few minutes and then rinse.

Active components: Wheat germ oil ORGANIC- Free of coloring and fragrance agents.

Ingredients: Triticum SP, Tocophérol, Rosmarinus officinalis, helianthus annuus

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