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  • Body Care

    Herbier de Provence laboratoires have created a care line adapted to the most sensitive parts of the body : - Hands & nails - Bust - Face - Eyes contour - Feet

  • Specific Cares

    Targeted care for each age, each sensitivity.

  • Body and Bath Cares

    Hygiene, Moisturising, fragrances...

  • Shampoos & Hair Care

    Essential oils and vegetal extracts for your hair

  • Beauty Oils

    Do not perform any type of treatment that can deteriorate or destroy the natural active ingredients essential to the quality of the product. Tradition and technicality make it possible for Oils of beauty of l’Herbier de Provence to make enhancements to your skin from the inexhaustible possibilities of nature. Completely natural, vegetal oils have a high capacity of diffusion and absorption. Completely pure, they keep the integrity of their properties intact and constant. Oils of Beauty are extracted by cold pressure or maceration from flowers and rigorously selected fresh fruits. These oils are used preferably in the evening on skin perfectly cleaned with milk and a floral lotion adapted to each case. They are applied using light upswings. L’HERBIER de PROVENCE line is composed of 17 natural body and face oils, made from a first cold press. Each of them has specific properties. They are used specifically for tanning, rehydrating, strenghtening, anti-wrinkling, fortifying hairs, and smoothing skins.

  • Fragrances

    Eaux de Toilette, Vitamin Water...