Specific Cares

Targeted care for each age, each sensitivity.

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  • Hydrafruits

    The alliance of Bio-Technology and Nature 3 effects: - an increase in the glare and luminosity of the skin - a progressive reduction of « crow feet » - a reduction of wrinkles and the results of pigmentation

  • DNA, Collagen, Séléné

    Séléné : the exceptional anti-aging Age: + 45 Skin types: all Fast Action: stimulate, protect, prevent Deep Action: complete

  • Perlys

    Lily make your skin silky... Age: 20-40 Skin Types: all Fast Action: hydrate, smooth, protect Deep Action: prevent the aging

  • Cucumber

    The cucumber, providence of oily skin ... The laboratories of Herbier de Provence have developed this range of products to meet specific problems of oily skin. They must be cleaned thoroughly but gently due to its sensitive skin. The cucumber is known for its healing and soothing properties, as well as for its sanitation and astringent qualities. It tends to balance the sebaceous secretions and improve circulation in the capillaries, allowing for better oxygenation, which results in clearer skin.

  • Honey & Pollen

    Softness for dry and sensitive skin Honey was selected for its calming and softening properties and pollen for its wealth of essential amino acids, both essential to the correct operation of skin cells. This remarkable association was enriched by extracts of camomile and currant, as well as vegetal oils from millepertuis, calendula and avocado in order to obtain fine and consistent textures. Offering great softness for fragile skin, this line of care will revitalize your skin while reinforcing its natural defenses.

  • Royal Jelly, Propolis

    Efficiency & tonus for sensitive and tired skins Manufactured by bees, Royal Jelly is a natural product remarkable in its composition and its wealth in noble ingredients. Royal Jelly is comprised of a mixture of sugars, and numerous vitamins (B1, B2, B6, PP, H, C, E, A) trace elements (potassium, iron, calcium, copper, silicium, phosphorus, etc.), proteins, and amino acids. Royal Jelly is famous for its fast action in smoothing and toning the skin. A total transformation of the cells of the epidermis occurs ; therefore, the skin is rejuvenated. Scientific experiments were conducted, which prove the bactericidal and antibiotic effects of Royal Jelly on certain kinds of bacteria such as the Koch virus and the golden staphyllococcus virus.

  • Green Clay

    Developed to rejuvenate tired skin, the GREEN CLAY of L’HERBIER DE PROVENCE is appropriate for all types of skin: oily, dry, mixed, female or male, as well of for all types of hair. - It cleanses oily skin. The absorbing properties of Green Clay guarantee an in-depth cleansing without any aggression. Green Clay releases the blocked pores, eliminates the impurities, purifies the skin. - It revitalizes dry skin. The powerful magnetism of solar energy collected by Green Clay ensures your skin an unceasingly renewed energy, which will be able to protect it from cellular aging. - It rebalances mixed skin thanks to its great wealth in free energy and trace elements. - It invigorates tired hair. The tonic shampoo with Green Clay revitalizes dull hair. - Irreplaceable for your daily tonicity, soap with Green Clay offers your skin an unceasingly renewed protection against daily aggressions.

  • Red Clay

    CLAY HAS ALWAYS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH HYGIENE AND BEAUTY Today, the HERBIER DE PROVENCE proposes a line of hygiene and beauty care products containing Red Clay. Red Clay is a very rich clay with a high iron oxide content, from which it gets its color. It has stimulative, magnetic, detoxifying and remineralizing properties. The HERBIER DE PROVENCE selected this particularly pure and rich clay to develop a line of cosmetic products to respond to the every day agressions of modern life and pollution. Red Clay responds to the needs of the skin with a particular response for skin that is dull, tired and without tone. Its antitoxic, purifying, anti-inflammatory qualities are of particular use with blotches of the face.

  • White Clay

    Clay is a living element rich in a regenerative physical system on the same level as water, air and sun. For a long time clay was used in rural areas to treat animals and trees. Many wild and domestic animals eat soil or take mud baths to get rid of certain diseases. Sterilized clay absorbs toxins and bacteria that a tired skin can no longer eliminate. Clay mixed with water has many properties. By absorbing gases and concentrating them at the surface of the skin, clay cripples, and sometimes kills, viruses and bacterias. Clay retains certain substances as well, which explains its power of disinfection. Clay also has a role of mineral support ; and, corrects the Ph balance of the skin.

  • Biovegetal

    The selective use of suractivated Biovegetal. Age: + 20 Skin types: all Fast Action: retone, prevent, repair Deep Action: firming, antioxydant