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    OLIGO ELEMENTS ARE INDISPENSABLE As is the case with vitamins and minerals, the «oligo-elements» are catalysts and vital process regulators. No life is possible without them. You cannot operate to the maximum of your capacities. You cannot reverse the impact of permanent fatigue because, quite often, the cause of this state is due to the lack of one or several «oligo-elements ». They are eliminated with regularity by every organism ; and their losses have to be compensated by food contributions. Did you know that hairs tell the story of your internal balance and your defaults in «oligo-elements?» Moreover, there exists so-called «oligo-tests» that permit diagnosis of deficits in «oligo-elements» through hair analysis. A good balance in «oligo-elements» ensures one to have beautiful, brilliant, supple hair full of vitality. L herbier of Provence has created a capillary care line enriched in «oligo elements». Test is truly exceptional! If your hair is too dry, you need calcium and magnesium. If your hair is fragile, you have a zinc and iron deficiency. If you have oily hair or pelliculars, you have a need for copper, manganèse and chromium.

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    With oil of Karapate - with oil of Juniper It is possible to have beautiful hair and to prevent hair from falling out through the regular use of adapted care. The capillary products of l’Herbier de Provence that incorporate oil of Karapate and oil of Juniper contain natural active elements selected to deal with specific problems. The line with oil of Karapate prevents and slows down the process of hair shedding. It is formulated to give hair body and strength. The line with oil of Juniper stimulates the scalp and prevents hair shedding caused by the asphyxiation of the roots by excess of sebum and accumulation of fatty films. The oil of Karapate and the oil of Juniper are entirely natural oils. The oil of Karapate is a maceration of castor oil and exotic flowers. The oil of Juniper is an essential oil extracted from the sheets of the genévrier of Provence, “Juniperus Sabina”. These oils of Karapate and Juniper are present in two other capillary products: 1) treating shampoo and balsam with the oil of Karapate ; and 2) treating shampoo and balsam with the oil of Juniper. These two oils form a synergy for a spectacular result! These oils of Karapate and Juniper have always been recognized for their activity on growing back lost hair and on hair vitality. The oil of Karapate comes from the Antilles and the oil of Juniper is dates back to Antiquity (ancient Roma). The association of vegetal oils of beauty, vegetal extracts, specific essential oils and yeasts offer an optimal effectiveness. - vegetal carrot oil are rich in vitamin A creating beautiful hair. - the vegetal extracts from sage invigorates hair bulbs - cress, which is rich in trace elements (iron, phosphorus, manganese), strengthens and stops the shedding of the hair with vitalized yeast, rich in vitamin B and necessary for good hair health and re-mineralization.